anima.jpg We continue to track the previously mentioned Hirameki International, one of the few companies localizing dating-centric Japanese visual novels for the West, and their latest appearance is in an interview with Hirameki's Shinichi Shimura over at Anime Advanced.

Some interesting details involve discussions on how risque title Animamundi: Dark Alchemist would be rated by the ESRB: "Because the game footage submitted was insufficient, we were unable to have the game reviewed in time for NYCC. We are aiming for a rating of “Mature,” and all of us at Hirameki have put in a lot of effort to make sure that happens. I know that some fans have been worrying about Animamundi: Dark Alchemist being rated “AO,” but I don’t think that will be the case." (It turns out to have been rated M, post-interview).

Also touched on is Hirameki's switch from Dragon's Lair style DVD 'interactive movies' to all-PC titles for its visual novels: "It is very difficult to develop DVD games, and there are few companies that are capable of doing so. In addition, Hirameki’s direction as a company has changed quite a bit since we first announced those games, and at the moment we don’t have any plans to release them, either as DVD games or PC games." Nice to see these niches well served with other titles, nonetheless.