gitaroo.jpg GamesAreFun has posted up some neat news - the most complete info yet on Gitaroo Man Lives! for PSP, revealing a new official website for the port (aw!) of Inis' super-fun PlayStation 2 rhythm title.

According to GAF: "The site has a bunch of screens, along with a tracklist that reveals the names of two new songs in GM Lives! - "Metal Header" and "Toda PasiĆ³n." There's also a 30-second streaming sample of Metal Header, which we've made available for download."

The site also notes of the two bonus songs for the game, which is due in Japan this May and has no confirmed Western publisher yet: "According to the site, Metal Header was written by "tomzuin h" and recorded by Sonica Studio. So, it's not COIL (the rock group who did most of the original GM's songs), but it still has that distinctive Gitaroo Man feel, which is very nice to hear." Pick up the PS2 version of this title, if you haven't already - it's skeleton xylophone levels of fun!

[UPDATE: Ah - actually, Gitaroo Man has appeared on Koei's E3 game list, and "is coming to PSP in America later this year", according to 1UP. Hurrah for that!]