prime.jpg Although all-time great video game musician Tim Follin, whom we interviewed for Gamasutra a few months, has now unfortunately quit the game biz, as we mentioned on GSW back in January, his legacy of genius music lives on, both in undiscovered 'gems' and remix goodness.

On the first of these - even the semi-canonical Follin Drome website doesn't list the obscure Sega Mega CD comic license Ultraverse: Prime, made by Malibu Interactive before they stiffed, and apparently so poor that it was only sold as a bundle with FMV game Microcosm, youch.

Well, we completely missed this Sardius-penned review of the 'Prime' theme song which reveals that the cheesy title tune (.MP3) has a flute (!) and synthesizer solo. Given that only Tim Follin ever puts rock-themed flute solos in games, and we know that he worked for Malibu, this appears to be a 'lost' Follin soundtrack (co-composed with Geoff?) of some kind - we're getting a copy as we speak.

It was also recently brought to our attention that the folks at OCRemix are partway through a Follin remix project, and some of the completed (though thus-far unavailable!) selections include musical genius XOC, he of Super Mario World cover album genius, who is covering both Magic Johnson's Fast Break & Super Off-Road. Hawt. In the meantime, poke XOC's other great arrangements and rejoice.