Oh, Death BreathThe Multicart Project is a weekly comic by cartoonist Dave "Shmorky" Kelly, detailing the lives of Nintendo Entertainment System characters way past their prime, living in low-income housing and just trying to get by - check out the full comic archives so far.

Death Breath, adversary in the way badical and awesome Kid Niki: Radical Ninja, has a date with none other than Athena, star of SNK's appropriately named Athena. Will Death Breath's unavoidable 8-bit programming keep him from true love? Probably!


[Dave "Shmorky" Kelly's cartoons have appeared in all sorts of exciting internet places, such as Keenspot, Shmorky.com, and Something Awful, where he served as animator on the Doom House DVD, and is currently outputting The Flash Tub on a weekly basis. He also has an Internet Movie Database entry, which makes him more famous than you.]