crimepatrol.jpg So, the first time we were nice about gonzo game video show Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions, which shows on U.S. cable channel G4, it brought us one of the show's producers, Ryan Stevens, who now writes the 'Gaijin Restoration' columns for GSW.

But, separately of that connection, and the fact that there's widespread gamegeek complaints on the rest of G4's non-gaming direction nowadays (I just found out that GameSpy's new staffer Li Kuo, who I was praising the other week, used to work on the excellent pre-'movie celeb' version of Icons, incidentally), the fact is that Nocturnal Emissions still rocks hard , because you will see video of weird, odd, awful, obscure and inspiring video games, most of which you can't even find footage of on the Internet.

You can see a few of these on the videos page at, but you probably need to watch episodes for the full effect. Now admittedly, there's a lot of cleavage in there, but a recent show I heartily enjoyed, for example, had: "[3DO laser game conversion] Crime Patrol [and its sleazy South American drug dealer sequel], [previously GSW-referenced] Rule of Rose, [excellent Korean PSP title] DJ Max Portable, and much more... including everyone's favorite [and the aforementioned smut], Megumi." In conclusion: you don't have to watch the rest of G4, but if you're a gamegeek, watch this.