thunder.jpg You may know him as GSW's very own 'Bastards Of 32-Bit' columnist DannyC, but now Monsieur Cowan has played even further to his obscure side and penned a big Philip CD-i 15-year retrospective for our chums at 1UP.

As the intro notes: "OK, so assuming that you actually know what the CD-i is, odds are that you think of it as little more than "that one system with the jacked-up Zelda games." There's a little bit more to the CD-i story than that, though. It's a tale that involves Nintendo's baby steps toward disc-based media, the origins of a little Sony project called the "Play Station," and a forgotten console that's host to some of the worst games of all time."

The resulting piece has quite a lot of precise info that was hazy to even geeks like us, and any feature that names Hulk Hogan's 'Thunder In Paradise' game as one of the _highlights_ of a console's lifecycle is a must-read around here, at least. Also, 'The Wacky World of Miniature Golf with Eugene Levy' - ouch!