boppin.png Over at Press The Buttons, blogged MattG has spotted an Apogee shareware classic once again available, in the form of reconstituted side-scrollin' puzzler Boppin'.

The official site has the new, free to leech Windows download for the game, of which PTB explains: "Seemingly combining elements of Dr. Mario with more conventional platformer adventures, our heroes accomplish this task by picking up special blocks and bopping them around the room so that they connect with identical blocks located in each level."

We also like that the Wikipedia entry for the game notes: " The Amiga version only sold 284 copies, according to the developers, and so it was ported to DOS and released as shareware."

Oh, and another fun note for the title: "The game was extremely bloody, with depictions of suicide when you lost all your lives, leading to concern from Apogee that led to the blood being disabled in later versions of the game, along with a replaced splash screen with a note claiming it to be a "politically corrected version"." Yay, political correctness!