bloodspell.jpg Rockstar-esque uberblog Boing Boing has posted info on the release of Episode 1 of Strange Company's 'Bloodspell' machinima, the long, long in-development movie that's made using BioWare's Neverwinter Nights, according to its official site.

A couple of interesting points - firstly, the movie "will be released as 5-7 minute episodes every two weeks until the entire film is available", and it's released under a Creative Commons license, which means people are free to mash it up and mess it up to their heart's content.

There's also a LJ making-of diary which has lots of great content, including the pronouncement: "BloodSpell began as a small, short, indy film to fill the gap between big Strange Company projects. We're fairly certain that the monster that idea spawned is the largest and most ambitious machinima project ever attempted, which just goes to demonstrate the dangers of enthusiasm." Yay, enthusiasm!