bhat.jpg OK, so we're really frickin' slow on this one, but we completely missed that's resident lunatic Scott Sharkey, who is genuinely 'a funny guy (TM)', decided to honor horrible rip-off PS2 game Barry Hatter (a recent GSW obsession), by giving it its very own star on the SF Metreon's Walk Of Game late last month.

As Sharkey poignantly sobs: "They may have changed the name of your game, but your legacy will live on forever in the hearts and minds of children everywhere. And by "children everywhere" I mean me. And by "forever" I mean until I finish writing this. Which is now." Unfortunately, with the Metreon being sold to the Westfield mall company, it's not clear that the Walk Of Game will endure in the long-run, but hopefully it will do, so Barry can live on for ever!

[Also, another Sharkey tidbit - although his Memoirs Of An Urban Vigilante column on pranking City Of Heroes/Villains has now ended, he still 'rolls' with the 'Circle Of Jerks' crew, and there's a good successor to the column in Trace Evans' 'Working For The Man' 1UP blog, which documents the same wacky crowd, and includes fun like the 'Running Of The Bulls' event, which is as silly as the name suggests.]