noitu.jpg The ever-vigilant Tim.W at Indygamer has spotted another freeware PC gaming gem, this time via Sweden, and it's the bizarrely named Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns.

But wait! Tim(e) explains all: "With a quirky name which is actually evolution spelled backwards, Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns is quickly gaining widespread recognition for it's classic platforming goodness. Setting a standard by winning TDC's Game of the Week award barely days after it was released, fans of classic console arcade action will not be disappointed with this effort."

If further explanation is needed: "Much like Capcom's Mega Man series, you get to utilize certain devices to change form and access special powers. The first few levels may seem repetitive but the game does get better after the second stage... Most of the highlights occur during boss battles, where each leader has to be defeated using different strategies." Yay, delightfully retro.