wright.jpg So, the new April 2006 issue of Wired Magazine has made it into stores, and it's guest curated by The Sims and Sim City's maestro Will Wright, who appears on the cover with Spore-mirrored sunglasses.

One of the articles already posted online from the issue is Wright's editorial on how games help, explaining: "Just watch a kid with a new videogame. The last thing they do is read the manual. Instead, they pick up the controller and start mashing buttons to see what happens. This isn't a random process; it's the essence of the scientific method."

Also up is a piece by Steven Johnson, which intriguingly claims of the big online game worlds of MMOs and commerce: "There is reason to believe that the divided metaverse is merely a transi­tional phase, and that its component worlds will coalesce." Oh, and a mini-article on 'one-minute games' by the writer of this GSW post, if you'll forgive the self-reference. In any case, fun stuff!