You may recall, a while back, our embarassingly detailed coverage of Tron Man. Well, I'm sure you were left wanting more, as a 500 word post simply isn't enough. Here's a bit more (haha, bit! that's a computer word!) on that cancelled homebrew Atari 2600 game we mentioned: Tron Man: Buffer Overrun. Turns out the creator, Atari Charles, thought of the idea when he saw the (and we mean no offense) pleasantly plump Tron Man in all his glory. The idea is that Tron had a buffer overrun, ie too much data, and became bloated. Rather humorous. Charles has sent us some great, and rather exclusive images from the scrapped game, with Tron Man digitized as well as the 2600 can accomplish. There were planned to be part of the opening screen before getting into gameplay (I've hacked them into a smaller size for ease of viewing).

Here are some words from the man himself, "Atari" Charles Gray. "I came up with the idea and contacted Tron Guy (Jay) about making the game and getting his approval before going forward. These four screenshots were masterfully designed by Snailsoft (I don't know his real name) for the game. Quite a few people were onboard to help with ideas and design for Tron Man: Buffer Overrun. Unfortunately or fortunately, Neotokeo2001 took my idea and made "This is Tron Man" [as we mentioned in the last post], which is quite an excellent game."

He continues: "I dropped the Tron Man: Buffer Overrun Project for the time being to pursue my idea of a truly horrible and truly fun game combining the horrible Bi! Bi! with infamous Atari 2600 Pac-Man characters and characters inspired by the Pac-Man game, which became Cyplix. "

Clearly, the world of Atari is a complicated one. And that Snailsoft guy has a rather curious history, as a member of the Atari Historical Society, and the frequent target of game piracy lawsuits in reaction to his huge collection of Atari 2600 roms. But that's a tale for another day!