sk8land.jpg The guys at Agora Games, the company behind the online community for Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land for the Nintendo DS, mailed to mention that they have "recently put together a mosaic consisting of the best moderated graffiti artwork uploaded [using DS Wi-Fi] by THAS players."

They explain: "Whether you’re an active community member or not, it’s possible that your art has made it into the 16,200 tile mosaic, which is made up of over 8,000 unique player created images", and further note: "You can download a large, 9MB version and zoom in to see the individual graffiti tiles. You’ll notice many of our community members have already found their artwork!"

For example, StigTrix is very excited, exclaiming: "My PurePwnage logo, Gollum, Pikachu(with pink background!?), Grim Reaper, Dr. Evil, SNES logo, Olympic flame... That's all I can find for now!" Is this the point where we offer a prize for the first person to find a logo that doesn't actually appear in the mosaic, and then send you all frickin' insane?