blank.jpg Over at the Inverted Castle weblog, the 'video game blog necessary for 200% completion', they've been taking a look at audio-only games designed for the blind.

As the blog explains: "The first of these “audio only” games I discovered was Sonic Invaders, which plays sort of like an auditory version of Missile Command; X,C,V,Space,N,M, and < control your 180° array of guns, and as you hear incoming ships on your headphones you hit the key corresponding to the ship’s angle to fire at it. Later ships shoot back, and you need to hit B at the right time to raise your shield and deflect their shots."

Actually, a commenter on the blog post also points out some interesting legacy audio titles for consoles, noting: "Kenji Eno/Warp had some sound only games. One for the Saturn (called Real Sound - Kaze no Regret) and one for the Dreamcast (Real Sound 2 - which may never have been released)." Are there any other classic audio-only titles we're missing?