libr.jpg A particularly interesting subject is the use of video games in libraries, as recently covered in a Gamasutra wrap-up of the Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium. Now, Jenny at The Shifted Librarian is organizing the troops around gaming and libraries, making for even better news.

She notes: "We've had trouble moving the discussion forward on the Gaming in Libraries website due to a lack of staff time and resources, so I ended up deciding that we should just put all of the wiki-style information on Meredith's already-oh-so-wonderful LibSuccess site. It made sense to take advantage of such a great, existing resource and that way, we'd be part of a larger community."

Jenny continues: "I finished editing the Gaming section to add entries for every library that came to the March Gaming SIG at MLS that is doing some type of gaming (video, board, card, etc.) and that gave me some info about it." This is totally great work, and very much to be applauded, as games move into public spaces in a variety of neat ways.