Bigbig Studios' PlayStation Portable stunt-filled super fuzz title 'Pursuit Force' shipped to retailers this week in North America, just days after Japanese publisher Spike released it in the East. Reviews have generally been positive (with the exception of EGM's opinion), but the real action is online -- and free.

Following in the footsteps of last year's Kenka Bancho promotional bad-ass eye-beam shooter, which features the best rock guitar loop ever, Spike has released Shooting Force -- a sort of straightfoward, alternate universe Spy Hunter-meets-Cave bullet hell shooter designed to promote its PSP muse. Okay, it's not quite "bullet hell", but the later levels can get quite frantic, as can the slalom bonus rounds. Maybe it's just "bullet Jersey".

Freeloaders looking for cheap fun should also check out Spike's Shinobido: Imashime-inspired Shockwave platformer. It's a surprisingly playable, tower-climbing, throat-slitting ninja diversion, with great sound and production values.

WARNING: For all games, keep in mind that Macromedia Shockwave is required, semi-annoying advertisements will precede each initial session, and that some menu guesswork may be necessary if Japanese language deficient.