kunkel.jpg Video game magazine pioneer Bill Kunkel, who, as a recent Gama post notes, "launched 'Electronic Games,' the world's first consumer magazine dedicated entirely to video games, along with long-time friend Arnie Katz" back in 1981, has given a brand new, typically abrasive interview over at Blogcritics.org.

Kunkel is interesting on the length of the game hardware iterations, now that the PlayStation 3 and Revolution are due out this year, commenting: "This four to five year cycle is ridiculous. They have got to let these systems to hang out longer and stop getting people all worked up about what's coming NEXT. Give the systems seven to eight years, let the developers teach them how to stand up and do tricks and when you can make a quantum leap, then make it. But with these guys, it's planned obsolescence on a four year rotation and it kills the existing systems."

But a particular 'highlight' is musings on Uwe Boll's upcoming Postal movie, since Kunkel consults for the Troma-like Running With Scissors: "I can only say that Dr. Boll has promised that Postal 2 is, indeed, his favorite game and he sincerely wants input from Running With Scissors. I suspect it will be funny, violent, and sexy."