megawars.JPG Jason Scott, who is known both for his BBS Documentary and for the epochally necessary, and who is currently preparing a documentary about text adventures, has started a new scanning project,

Thus far, there's only a few files online, and many are computer (rather than game!) related, but there's already some gems up - a brochure for 1981's Microsoft Adventure, "a rebrand of the original Crowther and Woods adventure", and best of all, a booklet for Compuserve's Megawars.

This is described by Jason as: "Brochure for Compuserve's Megawars, one of the first massively-multiplayer online games, allowing game players to trade and fight enemies in space; includes space map, as well as information on many other games available to Compuserve users." Here's some good info on Megawars, which was originally heavily Star Trek-related, and was put onto Compuserve in 1983 by Kesmai, those online game grandaddies who were eventually sold to EA (as all companies eventually are) in 1999.