lore.jpg The actually rather amusing Lore Sjoberg has a new column up over at Wired News, in which he burbles, in his own hirsute way: "Astonishingly enough, nobody asked me what I wanted to see in a next-generation video-game system. If only I had some sort of public forum in which to express my opinions."

There follows a number of things he felt that GDC and the game industry needs to address RIGHT THIS SECOND, but I'm afraid that Lore and GSW conflict in a major way on his distate for rhythm mini-games ("Long gone are the days in which all it took was a rapping dog and a catchy beat to grab my interest for hours on end"? Sjoberg, you gotta believe!).

But we are, at least, in line with his wish for more puzzle-adventure games ("If we can spare a few billion to make sure farina farmers don't go out of business, then by God we can spare some money to make sure we get a Monkey Island game every other year.") We think we know another Grumpy Gamer who would just adore that idea.