treee.jpg Christian games are a favorite subject here at GSW, so we note with glee the press release announcing the new Gospel Champions PC game series from Silver Burdett Ginn Religion (which sounds like a liquor company, if ever we heard it!) and Third Day Games, Inc.

Apparently: "The new Gospel Champions series takes children back to biblical times by recreating Gospel stories in a state-of-the-art game that intertwines action/adventure gameplay with sequenced elements of Bible stories."

The gameplay is explained simply: "Children control their Zack or Mary Martha character to avoid adversaries and solve puzzles that lead them to an animation of each part of the story. Once they have found all the story elements, they then perform tasks related to the story. For example, they might bring five sick people to Jesus to be healed or help Zacchaeus pay back those he cheated." You also have to get people to come down from trees.

The official Gospel Champions website has more info, including preview screenshots for the missions, which include collecting bonus tokens to find out about the 'Saint Of The Month'. We kid you not.