gizcake.jpg Unfortunately, our extensive Gizmondo coverage has pretty much slowed to a stop, much like Stefan Eriksson's Ferrari Enzo, post-impact, but that didn't stop the MTV-owned GameTrailers site from posting a detailed video on the Gizmondo farrago that we've just spotted.

The account is particularly handy because it repurposes a lot of CNN footage from the original crash, including lots of spectacular overhead helicopter shots of the crash scene, as well as re-highlighting the mysterious 'Dietrich', whom we at GSW are still obsessed with. In any case, it's great to see a pictorial version of all that stuff we've been writing about.

[Oh, while we're here, and didn't previously get a chance to blog this, tech weblog Engadget had a geek birthday cake competition a few days back, and one of the featured cakes was a totally awesome Gizmondo-themed one, with a Ferrari cake ripped in half, a fake electricity pole, a miniature bottle of whiskey, and even a confectionary Gizmondo. NIce going!]