enzo.jpg Oh, we are _so_ not bored with Stefan Eriksson of ex-Gizmondo's Ferrari Enzo crash in Los Angeles the other week, and nor is the local press, judging by a new report in the Malibu Times which reveals that "Former Gizmondo director Stefan Eriksson surrendered a DNA sample at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station... in the company of his attorney."

This is to work out if Eriksson's blood is on the driver's side airbag of the crashed Enzo, of course - and if it is, he may be facing a drunk driving charge, quite apart from the other 'fake Homeland Security' and lying to police farrago. As for a colleague that was also on the scene: "Brooks said Thursday that the mysterious man who was with Eriksson at the crash site is a U.S. citizen named Trevor, but Brooks would not release his full name. "We would like to talk to him, but we can't get to him," Brooks said. "He is believed to be on board a $14 million yacht that is cruising Santa Monica Bay right now." Trevor gave a home address that was traced to a boat slip in Marina del Rey that had been occupied by the massive luxury yacht, which is reportedly registered to a [former Gizmondo executive] named Carl Freer." How many Gizmondos make a $14 million yacht, again?

But, and here's the kicker [via WreckedExotics], CBS 2 has an online video with a computer simulation of the crash commissioned by police, complete with footage of the Ferrari being hauled away, and a police spokesperson revealing that the Ferrari hit the power pole that split it in half while, uhh, sideways and 2 feet in the air. Impressive stuff.