gdc06.jpg We're still at Game Developers Conference 2006 in San Jose, Calif, and still updating the Gamasutra show coverage like crazy people, so here's your latest tidbits:

- Apparently, legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak turned up yesterday to check out the show, and was extremely gracious, signing autographs for all the CAs (conference associates) and generally hanging out. Since he actually has a road named after him (Woz Way) within spitting distance of the conference center, he's kinda royalty in San Jose.

- Both the Independent Games Festival awards and the Game Developers Choice awards went off without a hitch last night - some of the highlights included the Darwinia guys pelting the audience with little foam Darwinia men after winning the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, and then one of them getting the very same back in the face, and the Shadow Of the Colossus guys (who cleaned up!) specifically thanking the Mega64 crew after Mega64's new Ico spoof played as a humorous interlude during the awards. Yay!

- The post-show Sony party, held in the same Parkside Hall that California Extreme takes place in, was a) loud, b) busy, and c) fun. There were geodesic domes, and weird dancers, and loud electronica of some description. Also, we spotted Will Wright and managed not to fanboy swarm him. And the parting party gift, shortly to be commanding inflated amounts on eBay, was a Swisstech keyring multi-tool branded with the PlayStation triangle, circle, cross, square logos. Although I guess it's not got PS3 on it, so the resell value probably sucks.

More soon!