gg_08.gif OK, so here's some alleged highlights so far of the actual lectures from GDC, as covered by us at Gamasutra - and let's be clear, here, this isn't the much loved 'GDC Tidbits' column, it's a whole new, amazing thing, since there's a hell of a lot of good lectures to cover this week:

- The What's Next? panel had some great moments, like Mark Cerny's intriguing perspective on sequels: "Cerny explained with a touch of hyperbole that, the way things are now, whenever you introduce a big new game you can pretty much expect to end up in the hole in the short term. It's not until the "third sequel" that you begin to see a return of investment. "You're in it for the long haul," Cerny said."

- There was an interesting lecture about Microsoft outsourcing game content creation for Forza Motorsport, which was pretty honest about how the increasingly common practice was done: "Eighteen complete track environments and 230 cars, complete with LOD, damage textures, and extensive customization needed to be completed over a year-long production schedule." That's a lot, guys.

- The Gamevil guys, who make some kickass Korean one-button mobile games, did a rather fun lecture on casual mobile titles, including (pictured above) Nom, "in which you play as a runner, jumping over obstacles, catching girls to kiss, and, apparently, making dogs follow you around. The gameplay is varied enough as it is, but the game also requires you to rotate the screen as you play on occasion." Definitely our kind of game!