gamevids.jpg Looks like there's been a happy delivery over in the Ziff Davis offices, since game video site is now live, in the customary 'Beta' format.

Thus far, we like the range of videos, including speed runs, that the site seems to promise, though we can't work out how to link into individual videos, and there are a few sound-enabled ads that are driving us a little batty - we hear they're working on it, though, and it's cool to see The 1UP Show get a suitable home.

We still dig the recently launched's technology the best, in terms of smooth Flash-converted movies playing at high res without having to worry about having third-party movie codecs installed, though. But with user-contributed content and an easily navigable interface, we're pretty excited about GameVideos, too, quite apart from GameTrailers and the scads of other content sites with extra video all over them - let the battle commence.