bfish.gif Firstly, thanks to all of you for replying to the first ever GameSetQ, on Brain Age and your parents - a wide-ranging set of remarks concluded that, well, 'parents just don't understand', as far as them specifically buying a Nintendo DS to play the game. We'll see, eh?

Now, another timely question, spurred on by the continuing woes of publisher Infogrames and Atari, which have sold off a lot of their core assets as they struggle under long-term debt issues. They're not the only game publisher struggling a bit, either - Midway, while investing heavily in next-gen, is due to lose $66 million in 2006, after a $112.8 loss in 2005, and Majesco's fall from grace has been notable. So we're asking, simply:

"In 5 years time, which major game publishers will no longer exist as standalone entities, either because they are bankrupt, or because they've been acquired by other bigger fish, who've assumed control of their IP and management?"

You can be specific as to who you think might bust out, or just name the companies you think won't be around any more for whatever reason. And in 5 years time, we'll all dig out this thread and laugh.