btrain.jpg So, we thought we'd try something new, in additional to our columns and other shenanigans - a daily question to be answered by GameSetWatch readers in the comments of this lovable weblog, and in some way related to the day's gaming issues.

The very first one deals with Nintendo's Brain Age, the DS title inspired by the research of Professor Ryuta Kawashima, a prominent Japanese neuroscientist, and discussed in some depth by Satoru Iwata in last week's GDC keynote - the series has collectively sold well over 5 million copies in Japan, and comes to the U.S. next month - with some of us already toting our free GDC copies. The question is:

"Do you think your mother and/or father would appreciate playing Brain Age? In fact, will your dear parents usher in the mainstream game age by buying a DS just to play Nintendo's brain teasers, like in Japan?"

I'm totally going to cheat by making the first comment to give my own answer, but we promise not to post any other replies under ridiculous pseudonyms - all of those belong to you!