gq5.jpg Just before the weekend, an alert went out - there was nothing that could be done, but the new 5th issue of The Gamer's Quarter, sporting an "enormous 114 page monster of goodness" in terms of old, 'new', and busted game writing, had debuted.

It turns out you can also pre-order a print version of the issue, but for those just content to download the PDF [.ZIP], this will also work perfectly well for you.

Our favorite section is probably 'Phoenix Wright and the Turnabout Hair-Burger' by Mariel "Kinoko" Cartwright and Jonathan "Persona-Sama" Kim, another delightfully deranged comic.

But 'Not New Games Journalism Manifesto' by J. R. "Mr. Mechanical" Freeman, which talks to Kieron Gillen and Jeremy Parish (though apparently without the latter's permission to reprint), is a reasonably fun jaunt through hilarious navel-gazing, for old time's sake. We at GSW are currently practicing Fossilized Game Journalism, incidentally. The Black Belt 'Toasty' version.