fl0w.gif Worth throwing out, even as it's currently marauding up Digg, is the Flash game named Fl0w, which also comes in downloadable PC/Mac formats, created by USC's Jenova Chen with Nicholas Clark as part of their MFA thesis.

The 'Flow in Games' messageboards are rapidly filling up, and the ever-dependable Jayisgames also picked up on the title, describing it as "...a mesmerizing game of primordial life, evolution and survival. Dive deep into the wild blue to seek out and consume other organisms on your path to simple cell nirvana." Mm, cell nirvana.

In fact, running a vaguely Spore-like concept against Electroplankton-ish visuals, the neat-looking abstract title, made by one of the creators of Cloud, the innovative IGF Student Showcase winner, has very simple instructions, to wit: " What am I supposed to do? * Dive deep into the space, eat, and evolve." We like it a lot.