towerofgoo.gif The excellent casual/Flash site JayIsGames has some new info on an Experimental Gameplay Competition, gleaned at last week's GDC in San Jose.

The original Project spawned a much-trafficked Gamasutra feature and a GDC talk (here's the slides), and the main protagonists are now part of the game industry, so, as Jay notes, "...the Experimental Gameplay Project has been so successful they are opening up the fun to anyone who wants to get involved! They are holding a 2-week game design competition to build a game based on the theme they will announce on April 1st at the Experimental Gameplay website."

As a result of this, "the top 5 competitors will receive an interview with THQ’s Heavy Iron Studios. One will be selected for a paid summer internship with the company." What a great prize for those looking to get into the biz. Personally, we're hoping all of the entered games could be as good as Tower Of Goo, but somehow we reckon that's wishful thinking.