kyodaicrimson.jpg An artist in Japan has taken it upon himself to create a gigantic 'controller' for Death Crimson, one of the worst games of all time.

According to the workshop blog where I found it, the game got a score of 1.0909 out of 10, in the first week of user reviews in Sega Saturn Magazine, the lowest ever for the console. The enormous controller is hard to wield, but that doesn't matter, as it's impossible to survive in the game anyway. There's a lightgun at the tip, so you could theoretically use it for other games - you could, that is, if they hadn't glued the lid of the embedded saturn shut, so your choice is Death Crimson or nothing!

kyodaicrimson2.jpgThe horrible Death Crimson was later lauded as a cult classic, even getting a PS2 re-release, which sold out instantly, as the mmcafe notes. The game was made by Ecole, which if you remember, is also putting out Melty Blood AC for PS2. The Death Crimson art controller was created by Takamasa Sumi - you can see a flash movie of his work here, subbed in English. He seems to really like girls in gothic lolita maid outfits, and you can see one playing the game on the aforementioned blog entry. Also note the impossibly tiny TV.

The exhibit was displayed at the third Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, but has now moved to Darwen, Lancashire in the UK til early April. Go give it a look! Here's the official site for the object, which he's named 'Kyodai Crimson' - aka 'huge crimson'. Also see this thing constructed for the PS2 version, and sold at Wonderfest. Thanks to Sweater Fish for the link!