deadr.jpg At least for us, one of the most-anticipated Xbox 360 titles is Keiji Inafune and Capcom's semi-comical zombie holocaust Dead Rising, originally unveiled in mid-2005.

Well, the Xbox 360 Live Marketplace just got updated with a free-to-download recent trailer of Dead Rising, which we also spotted over at [.WMV], and if you haven't seen the 3-minute promo spot, check it out right now. It showcases the improved graphics, bizarre improvised weapons, and cone-on-head wackiness of the visually improved X360-exclusive title, which is due out this summer.

In addition, we ran across this brand-new Inafune interview on the OXM UK website, in which the Mega Man creator chats about Dead Rising's less serious bent, pointing out: "Already we are making Resident Evil 5, so we’re going to have a serious zombie game too. But look at zombie movies. They’re not all deadly serious – there are comedy zombie movies, even romantic zombie movies!" Dude, we're all about the zombie smooching.