aic.JPG Great Scott! We first mentioned Jason '' Scott's new classic print brochure scans a few days back, and he's been adding even more great stuff since then, so let's check back in.

We particularly enjoy the 1983 Adventure International print brochure, for "the Scott Adams-helmed Software publishing house (1979-1984). Includes the Scott Adams adventures, video games, strategy games, financial software, utilities, and additional adventure games or game development kits."

Also neeto, though, is the 1983 Sierra On-Line Hi-Res Adventures Promotional Catalog, "an introduction to the Hi-Res series of adventure games by a mysterious Host who travels through time and space to sell you games." Interestingly, one of the ads is for the video game version of The Dark Crystal, the classic Henson film, converted to home computer by Roberta Williams, and sometimes forgotten nowadays. Keep up the great work, Jason.