calder.jpg Oh, art, here you come, messing with video games again. The folks who created Pac-Mondrian, which was handily described as 'Pac-Man meets Piet Mondrian as only an abstract painter and a ravenous circle-being can!', are at it again, and they've now launched artgame project Calderoids.

Wha? Well, the chaps at Prize Budget For Boys explain: "In Calderoids you dodge and destroy Alexander Calder's kinetic mobiles in the triangular ship of Atari's space shooter Asteroids. The ubiquitous mobiles we hang over baby cribs were originally
conceived by Calder as fanciful models of the universe: 'There is, of course, a close alliance between physics and aesthetics.' Based on a physically exact model of the behaviour of mobiles in space, Calderoids frees you from gravity to fly around and blast Calder's sculptures in your cosmic spacecraft."

Thus, you can now play Calderoids online (Java required), and also "in an arcade cabinet modified from an Asteroids original at Toronto's InterAcess [as part of Artists Crack The Game Code] until March 25."

And wait, wait, we found an arty quote to end with: "Calderoids combines the relatavistic theories of Alexander Calder's kinetic sculptures with the virtual dimensions of Atari's arcade classic Asteroids in a game that spans 20th century models of the universe." So there.