paint.jpgYou might have heard of the rather intriguing Jon Blow from his work running the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC, or his former code column for Game Developer magazine.

Even if not, then you might have spotted that his rather spectacular, rather mysterious time-reversing game, Braid (actually described in print by Tom Chick for Yahoo!, for those wondering what the heck it is about!), which won the 'Innovation In Game Design' award at this year's Independent Games Festival.

No demos of Braid are available yet, but we did find a game prototypes webpage on Jon's site, including such extremely cool downloadable Windows prototypes as Painter ("There are different critics with contradictory aesthetics who judge your painting, and you try to construct things that please enough of them to get by"), and Raspberry ("The goal of this game was to explore gameplay modeled as a time-based composition (the way music is).") Go check 'em out.