toadSMB.PNG McSweeney's, that funny ol' publishing/website conglomerate created by Dave Eggers, has posted a rather amusing humor column, written by Rick Paulas, which answers a question about video games and fantasy baseball teams posed by, uhh, Rick Paulas.

The question, from Rick to Rick, was: "What would your ideal fantasy-baseball lineup be if you had to create it using only characters from classic Nintendo video games?", and it turns out there's a well thought-out answer behind this, starting out with Bald Bull from Mike Tyson's Punch Out ("Much like Manny, Barry, or the Big Hurt in his heyday, the powerful giant causes everyone in the ballpark to stop what they're doing when his name is announced.")

Other stand-outs include Toad from Super Mario Bros. ("Only on the team as a favor to the marketable Italian brothers, this diminutive's only attribute is chasing fly balls and catching them in his soft, padded, circular mound-head"), and Simon Belmont from Castlevania (" Despite the fame and fortune he's gotten from his changeup ("like it was pulled back on a string, or maybe a whip," the batters often say), Belmont has a deep loneliness.") All agreeably silly.