audi.JPG Alternative reality gaming hang-out ARGN has posted an interesting interview with Brian Clark of GMD Studios regarding his ad company's ARG endeavors, which includes Audi's Art Of The Heist, previously mentioned here on GSW.

The Heist game, which started with a stolen A3, actually encountered some production problems with a failed clue mid-cycle which forced a change of the game's villain ("In reality what happened is, when they dropped off the cars they didn't unlock them. The car was there, the SD card [for the game clue] was in the car, but there was no way for the players to get in the car".) However, from the point of view of the ARG players, there was hardly any sign of this: "Oh sure! Doesn't it all feel like it was coherent? It doesn't feel like there was a minor meltdown in production, right?"

Meanwhile, as to what GMD are working on now, Ben comments: "Well, people seem to be enjoying this ARG called Who is Benjamin Stove? I've heard it's a lot of fun." Oh, and finally, when asked about his dream ARG: "I certainly don't have anything to announce yet, but I'm talking to people about a Philip K. Dick project and seeing whether or not there's a good fit there. I think if there's any one author who personifies the kind of fiction that ARGers love, it's Philip K. Dick." Tie-in to A Scanner Darkly? We can only hope.