wont.jpg We covered our delight/dismay about a PC game called 'The War On Terror' a few weeks back, and now, OGJ's bete noire Kieron Gillen has conducted a review of it for Eurogamer.

In the review, some of the politics of said title are made a little clearer: "Despite its 'torn from the headlines' name, it's not particularly weighted in the real world. It offers three sides to play on and a campaign of each to play through. That is, the World Forces (i.e. America and chums), The Order (i.e. non-threateningly unspecific group of Terrorists) and China (i.e. China)."

Unfortunately, the end result for the game is comments like this :"Then you start seeing past the programming faults and realise no-one in the design team had a clue either. The camera wobbles around aimlessly, with a tap of the cursor when fully zoomed out making it lurch far too much to be vaguely controllable", and a 2/10 score. Still, as one of the commenters points out: "Why does Eurogamer hate freedom?" Guys, didn't you hear 'we' won already?