zyrinx.jpg If we get any more obscure, we may burst, but GSW friend Wendell has pointed out the Sega 32X Zyrinx demo tape to us, as catalogued on demo-scene index Pouet and hosted on demo homebase Scene.org - it's a tape of a 1995 technical demo of the Sega 32X by some wizard Danish coders.

As commenter 'dr.crackhead' points out: "Zyrinx [part of Scavenger Inc.] was basically crionics (the spy, deftronics, murphy etc) + kyd/balle aka the makers of hardwired :-)... some of them now work on the big "hitman" series of games."

He continues: "The most impressive game done by them tho' imho would be subterrania for the mega-drive. It has a very neat soundsystem that enabled jesper kyd to compose in 44khz fm music instead of the standard 11khz (i think) for mega drive. Everything else is also excellent. Check it out!" Oh, those wacky European demo-sceners!