xocwow.jpg The clever folks at Edge Online have pointed out that Jason 'Xoc' Cox, who was responsible for the insanely good 'SMW' cover album for Super Mario World, has just put out a new release, named 'Videogame:TheMovie:TheGame:TheCoverAlbum'.

This insanely well-done concept album is based on an (allegedly fictional!) '80s NES cart, and it's explained: "While the levels [of Videogame:TheMovie:TheGame] were obviously appropriated from various well-known sources [including Mega Man, Gradius, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Adventure Island, Super Mario Bros., and Zelda II], sound-alike music was created exclusively for the game, aping the style and feel of the originals."

So, this means you get two entire albums of music, including the 'original NES versions' and the beautifully arranged 'cover version', with full guitar/drums/band instrumentation, done in immaculate, genius style, and downloadable for free. We called XOC's 'SMW album' "the 'Pet Sounds' of Mario covers" - is this the White Album of fake video game soundtracks? Surely.