worshirt.jpg Way of the Rodent, which is quite a good webzine if you've never seen it, has a new issue up. It includes features such as their typical quirky interview. This time it's with Trip Hawkins, and is basically awesome.

An excerpt: "Q: Did you ever meet the heavy mob from Atari back then? Was it literally like dealing with the Sopranos? Looking at the pictures now it seems that way."
"A: Oh yeah, of course! Jack Tramiel was fond of showing us his serial number from the concentration camp. These were very intense and aggressive people."

So yeah. Also includes an unrequited love note for the C-64, and a technical article from a homebrewer for the Pokemon handheld. If I owned my own magazine, it'd probably look like this. But on paper! There are also reviews, but who wants to read those? Read the Peter Molyneux bonus feature and feel important for getting the references, instead.

So onto the shirts part - WoR has come up with some T-shirts, many of which are completely excellent. A Tetris shirt that says 'Nevermind the Blox' in the Sex Pistols font? Well, that's clever!