spinelle.jpgWe just got a press release over the wire that may excite your crazy Sega fanatics out there.

No, it's not about Shenmue 3, think bigger. No, they haven't officially apologized for Sonic Heroes. It's way more important. Ready?

Sega Amusements, USA has appointed a new Customer Service representative for the Parts Division.

Her name is Angela Spinelle, and she has a really nice pink sweater that seems to be made of cotton, or perhaps some cotton-like material. Her desk has manilla file folders, which I've found is a great way of saying "no, I can't do that, I have too much work piled up as it is" without ever opening your mouth. She also keeps strange alien devices on her desk, as seen in this enhanced photograph:


The device on the left is obviously a ZX Spectrum, for when she needs to play Eggy Adventure or Pick-Axe Minor Man Guy or Tiny Tim's Big Trouble or whatever people played on those. The middle object, we're speculating, is the decapitated head of the miniature customer service robot that Spinelle created and had to subsequently destroy to save humanity. And the object on the right is some sort of storage and display device for holding pencils, pens, and other long objects.

"Angela has a very positive attitude that will be recognized by all of our customers and staff alike," said Sega Amusements President Rick Rochetti. "It is important to have a person in this position who can manage relationships as well provide a good service to our distributors. Welcome aboard Angela."