reynolds.jpg GamerDad's Andrew Bub has reprinted an extended article on gaming with families, as originally appearing in Computer Games Magazine's August '05 issue, and it's a great read.

As the article reveals: "Brian Reynolds, the CEO of PC game maker Big Huge Games, makes in depth strategy games like Rise of Nations for a living, but off the clock, he's an Undead Priest traveling the wilds of World of Warcraft with his sons. "Ro (9) usually wants to be a wizard of some sort (because of Harry Potter), so he's currently playing a level 40 Troll Mage. Tay (7) is a level 41 Tauren Warrior.""

The interviewed parents are also careful on hands-on parental supervision - for example, Reynolds "sets a one-hour per day limit for all games in his house. "I also control the boy's accounts. They don't know the passwords. So they need me to personally log them in each time they want to play.""

Thus, Bub concludes: "Maybe this year, instead of hitting the Grand Canyon or the local beach, your family should explore the far reaches Norrath, fight the Cogs in ToonTown Online, or delve deeply into the forests of Azeroth. Heck, the whole family could wear matching armor!" And you can go to the Grand Canyon as well, if you want!