maneater.jpg It seems like only yesterday (OK, last week!) that we were talking about the Game On 2.0 exhibition, which has just wended its way into Chicago, and most excellent website The New Gamer has already posted a massive picture gallery from the expanded exhibit.

Some of the best goodness in there? Well, how about the Jaws-a-like Maneater arcade cabinet, or even the gigantic Steel Battalion controller, of which R. LeFeuvre mocks in the comments: "Suggesting that people use the Steel Battalion uber controller gently mocks its existence! It's the cockpit of a 50 foot mecha, you gotta use it like one!"?

As we noted previously, Game On 2.0 will be at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (1 February - 27 April 2006), before travelling to the Pacific Science Centre, Seattle (26 May - 4 September 2006), and then back to England for a bit, so check out the gigantic array of titles [PDF] and associated artifacts while you still have time - it's rather gamestonishing.