enzo.jpg We love now largely bankrupt handheld game maker Gizmondo, for the modeling agencies, the racehorses, and so much more besides. Now, via sister site Gamasutra, here's the latest reason to gawk and marvel.

All we need to do is quote: "According to news reports, former Gizmondo executive Stefan Eriksson has been involved in a high-profile accident in Los Angeles which destroyed his $1 million Ferrari Enzo sports car, following a crash at more than 120 miles per hour during an alleged street race." What's more: "The 2003 Ferrari Enzo was racing a Mercedes-Benz SLR when it crashed into a light pole on the Pacific Coast Highway, shearing the car in two. A 'German man called Dietrich', the supposed driver, according to Eriksson, allegedly fled the scene."

But wait, the coup de grace? "The Los Angeles Times reported Sheriff's Sgt. Philip Brooks as noting that Eriksson "...had a .09 blood-alcohol level, but if he's a passenger, that's OK. But he had a bloody lip, and only the air bag on the driver's side had blood on it. The passenger-side air bag did not. My Scooby-Doo detectives are looking closely into that." The Times notes that Sergeant Brooks then added: "Maybe the 'driver' had a friend who picked him up. Maybe he thumbed a ride. Maybe he was a ghost."" Story of the year, hands down.