cavestory.png Wandering around the Internet somewhere (Indygamer?), we found the Studio Pixel Fan Page, a basic but extremely handy guide to the works of Cave Story PC dojin game creator Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya.

Cave Story itself, which is downloadable [.ZIP] in English-patched version from the Fan Page, is a charming 2D title best described by its translators as "a freeware sidescrolling action/adventure/platformer title with leanings towards Wonderboy and recent sidescrolling Castlevania titles."

But even if you've seen it (and you probably have, you geek!), the fan page has other rarities, including super-odd mini game Glasses [.ZIP], in which you "Control the hero and catch your glasses... you will get points based on how well your glasses fit." We're not making this up.

In addition, the Doukutsu LJ fan community is translating Pixel's Japanese-language diary as he writes, including such gems as "06/02/08: I slept. I hope it gets warm soon", and: "06/02/14: No real work done." Ah, we jest - there's actually other good info and correspondence from Pixel fans up there, for the curious.