ymck.jpg Japanese-based video game and 'chiptune' music site Vorc has released its 'VGM or Chiptunes of the Year Awards' for 2005, and the Best Record Of The Year goes to the "elegant vocal + NES-pop style" of the previously GameSetWatch-mentioned YMCK and their 'Family Racing' album.

In addition, the Game Boy-utilizing "blip pop" of David E. Sugar gets him the Best Artist Of The Year award, and the ever-reliable 8BitPeoples come away with Label Of The Year. It's also worth reading previous year's round-ups for some perspective, but this year, Vorc editor Hally notes that "the number of chip/lo-fi musicians is rapidly increasing", but some knowledge of the historical chiptune scene is being lost: "[in the] next year or so, 'generation gap' might surface as a key word."