twinsen.jpg According to an email GSW got from Ahmad Ghourab, "the founder of TwinAdv, the largest Little Big Adventure news source on the web", there may actually be hope for Little Big Adventure 3, a second sequel to the cult adventure game series, actually making an appearance soon.

Ghourab comments: "In a recent e-mail I received from [LBA creator] Frederick Raynal, he makes mention of the fact he is now expanding his latest company, Ludoid... he has also announced that he is submitting several projects (ideas) to several publishers. Amongst these proposals is Little Big Adventure 3, subtitled "Genesis of the Stellar Entity", which is the sequel to the highly respected and successful series Little Big Adventure 1 & LBA 2 (AKA Relentless/Twinsen's Odyssey in the USA)."

TwinAdv has more information on the possible resurrection of the franchise, noting hopefully: "If publishers take interest in Little Big Adventure 3, then Frederick Raynal plans to commence work on it, while collaboration with former Adeline creative director Didier Chanfray, who along with David Chomard founded the studio Little Worlds." It'd certainly be nice to see such adorable original IP, but who's going to take that chance? Somebody, we hope dearly.