katafridge.jpg Over at the personal weblog of 1UP's Features Editor Jeremy 'Toastyfrog' Parish, there's a new post showing off the somewhat adorable Katamari Damacy fridge magnets constructed by his sister over the holiday period.

As Jeremy points out: "My sister made me [the magnets] for my birthday last year -- the King of All Cosmos, the hapless Prince and half a dozen of his royal cousins, all depicted with loving care via the woefully underappreciated medium of Shrinky-Dinks... Imagine my surprise when I visited my sister's apartment over the Christmas break and discovered she's been holding out on me. At some point she made herself a complete set of cousins."

However as Toasty quips, quite apart from the extra We Love Katamari relatives: "I tried telling her about the eight new royal cousins in the PSP game but for some reason she clamped her hands over her ears and shouted 'LA LA LA NOT LISTENING.'"