stranger.jpg Are we bored of end of year awards now? Probably, but let's cast our eye over the final few. Firstly, Eurogamer has been running its Top 50 for the year, with plenty of insightful commentary from the whole crew. The top title was announced today, and even if it's not out til February in Europe, Tim Schafer is likely delighted.

Elsewhere, fellow GSW-er GeekOnStun has released his 2005 Video Game Awards, and there are 5 joint games of the year, all superduperspecial. Oh, and much kudos for awarding Takashi Iizuka of Sonic Team the 'Best Smile Under Difficult Circumstances' - dude, Shadow, ouch.

Finally, we never specifically mentioned here, but a number of GameSetWatch editors and colleagues have posted their Top 3 games of the year over at Gamasutra. Among others, Brandon Sheffield waxes lyrical about obscure homebrew and arcade titles (surprise!), Frank Cifaldi plumps for a few choice cuts, Simon Carless (that's me!) digs on a little Katamari, and Brandon Boyer loves up the neglected Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath.